Thursday, December 20, 2007

wrapping paper drive

Christmas is sneaking up on me! Really. I have... two Christmas presents. I don't know what to get anyone, and I have about a dozen people I feel like getting something for. I know, there are some people who say 'I don't want anything' but too bad. I feel like giving you something for Christmas anyway. There's only a few days left. Wrapping paper is going to be really interesting, cause I don't have any and I don't feel like buying it. But they have to be wrapped, you know? (time to get creative)

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beedee said...

this doesn't help your quest for wrapping paper but last year a friend of mine designed some called Rapping Paper...i think you can get it in urban outfitters (not sure if its in the US yet)..anyway i think you'll find it funny :)

by the way i have a blog too :)