Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life Changes

Hello again, after almost three years I'm checking into bogspot to tell anyone who's paying attention that I am going through some crazy life changes... I broke my femur in January and I'm still healing. I've never broken a major bone before so I had no idea how much it could suck. I got a vertical fracture form my knee to about 2/3 up my thigh. It didn't break the skin. The bone was still in one piece, just with a very big crack in it. I couldn't walk for 6 weeks. I can walk now but I can only walk for about 2 hours at a time or 4 hours in a day without experiencing quite a bit of pain. The majority of the pain is in my knee. The bone still hurts occasionally for no apparent reason. If I over do it one day, it doesn't feel like working the next day and I've got to spend most of the day resting it. I can't run. I can't jump. I can't carry heavy things. That being said... I've spent the last 10 years or so working in restaurants. Restaurant work is very physically demanding. The entire shift, is spent on your feet and usually running (nearly). Most restaurants also have concrete floors. There are a lot of tasks that involve lifting and carrying objects weighing up to 50lbs (ice buckets, stacks of plates, cases of beverages, etc.). Since the condition of my leg won't let me do this type of work currently, I'm seeking other types of employment. I've never worked in an office before, but I'm going to! I've applied for about 20 admin or customer service jobs in the last 2 weeks. I've landed a few interviews and I'm keeping a positive attitude. The fact is, I'm grossly under qualified. I've also filed for unemployment and I'm doing everything I can to find other sources of income... The reason for todays blog is to get me warmed up for a typing test. It took me 20 minutes to type this. So, we'll se how I do on the test... wish me luck!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

check it out!

I completely forgot about blogger! Well, here I am again. Single, bored and lonely on a Saturday night. Fortunately, this time i'm not going to get drunk and act stupid. I'll still have enough money in the bank to pay all my bills tomorrow. I really do wish I had something to do though. I'll probably end up staying bored :/ not too excited about that. Dancing would be fun. Or maybe even just a movie at some friends. Nobody's calling me back though. It's really pretty lame. I know when I was drinking they'd be back to me in a hearbeat. Life was never boring. I'm not missing the drinking, just the popularity. I guess i'm better of though. If people are that shallow, who needs it. (i was that shallow) so... Here I am, surfing the web aimlessly. If you read this, and you want to rescue me from my boredom, give me a call :) if not, i'll be alright. I've got a big box of movies to pick from and maybe i'll even do some yoga.

and just a little note for clarification; I'm a little bored, but I am not sad, angry, or in any way upset. I've actually been having a nice productive day. I'm just running out of things to do at home!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Phone

neat thing... a phone can still be completely functional after spending two days at the bottom of Lake Washington. another neat thing... there's a cool guy named Mitch who runs a business called Lake Washington Braille Divers, and regularly dives to find lost valuables and return them to their owners. not so neat thing... I didn't know about this guy.

A week ago Friday, I was out visiting some friends on a boat, and I fell off the dock. I lost my shoes, ruined a bunch of stuff in my purse, but worst of all my phone came out of my purse and took a nap at the bottom of the lake. The phone lit up and I tried to swim after it, but being under water after midnight is a little disorienting and the phone got away. The next day I figured out how to get a replacement phone, and spent a week without a phone.

The phone cost me $230 new so I figured it would be a good idea to get insurance on it. The people explained to me that they might send me a reconditioned phone. This is a phone that has never belonged to anyone or been broken, but has spent a month or two on a store display. They take these phones apart, clean them and put them back together. Enough of the boring stuff. They did a terrible job! Not all of the buttons work, the screen has a grey spot, the slide action to expose the keyboard is loose, and the thing goes on mute whenever it wants and there's nothing I can do but call back to have people here me!

I've ordered another replacement phone. They said it would be here Monday, then changed the story to it would be processed Monday and get here Thursday or Friday. Meanwhile, I'm paying for services I cant use!

The bright side, my phone that went to the bottom of the lake was recovered by Mitch (mentioned before). It's completely functional, and although I can't ever activate it again per insurance rules, I have all of my contact numbers and media that I've saved in the last year and a half! It's also been very enlightening to find out who will contact me if I loose all my numbers. As sad as it was, it was also liberating to not have a phone for a week.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

cut it again :)

It's growing really fast so I won't make you wait to see it for yourself. So, here's somepictures. I'm not sure what came over me, but I decided I to try it really short again. Might as well since I already cut off half of it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

the cookies

I made about 30 dozen cookies and candies for Christmas. I made about 5 dozen peanut blossoms, 12 dozen mini chocolate chip cookies, 4 dozen snowballs, 8 dozen chocolate covered mint patties (and one disastrous batch of mint taffy that had a good funeral in the trash can). I still have the box to send to mom, but other than that I gave away 11 boxes and two small bags of these delicious little confections. I also still had about 2 dozen left here but thankfully my roommate and boyfriend are making quick work of them. It took me a couple days to recover from all the baking, shopping, wrapping and sleepless angst. My kitchen was a disaster, my goodies from Christmas were all over my apartment, and my room was a mess of dirty laundry... It's all clean and back in order now! woo-hoo and I still have a couple dozen cookies left :) (plus the ones that arrived from mom as soon as all mine were packed to go) :)

I don't know what I'm going to do after new years, when all the hustle and bustle is over with. I'll have to find something to fill up the days with. Maybe I'll take the offer for the free martial arts class... I could certainly use the exercise after the cookies... and huge delicious dinners... and other stuff that makes pants too small.

Someone with a lot of persuasive powers suggested that I keep fresh cookies around all the time, which would work actually cause after a couple weeks of always having sweets around I don't like them anymore.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

wrapping paper drive

Christmas is sneaking up on me! Really. I have... two Christmas presents. I don't know what to get anyone, and I have about a dozen people I feel like getting something for. I know, there are some people who say 'I don't want anything' but too bad. I feel like giving you something for Christmas anyway. There's only a few days left. Wrapping paper is going to be really interesting, cause I don't have any and I don't feel like buying it. But they have to be wrapped, you know? (time to get creative)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the hair...

You're going to be shocked when you see my haircut. I was going to take off 6 or 8 inches and it turned into 10 or 12. I like it though :) no more split ends!

and there it is :)

the hair and the haircut.

I have some before and afters too but they're poor quality...

I know, I need to clean the mirror.