Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Phone

neat thing... a phone can still be completely functional after spending two days at the bottom of Lake Washington. another neat thing... there's a cool guy named Mitch who runs a business called Lake Washington Braille Divers, and regularly dives to find lost valuables and return them to their owners. not so neat thing... I didn't know about this guy.

A week ago Friday, I was out visiting some friends on a boat, and I fell off the dock. I lost my shoes, ruined a bunch of stuff in my purse, but worst of all my phone came out of my purse and took a nap at the bottom of the lake. The phone lit up and I tried to swim after it, but being under water after midnight is a little disorienting and the phone got away. The next day I figured out how to get a replacement phone, and spent a week without a phone.

The phone cost me $230 new so I figured it would be a good idea to get insurance on it. The people explained to me that they might send me a reconditioned phone. This is a phone that has never belonged to anyone or been broken, but has spent a month or two on a store display. They take these phones apart, clean them and put them back together. Enough of the boring stuff. They did a terrible job! Not all of the buttons work, the screen has a grey spot, the slide action to expose the keyboard is loose, and the thing goes on mute whenever it wants and there's nothing I can do but call back to have people here me!

I've ordered another replacement phone. They said it would be here Monday, then changed the story to it would be processed Monday and get here Thursday or Friday. Meanwhile, I'm paying for services I cant use!

The bright side, my phone that went to the bottom of the lake was recovered by Mitch (mentioned before). It's completely functional, and although I can't ever activate it again per insurance rules, I have all of my contact numbers and media that I've saved in the last year and a half! It's also been very enlightening to find out who will contact me if I loose all my numbers. As sad as it was, it was also liberating to not have a phone for a week.

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supermadchen said...

That is pretty neat. Too bad phone companies are so good at screwing us out of money.