Saturday, April 10, 2010

check it out!

I completely forgot about blogger! Well, here I am again. Single, bored and lonely on a Saturday night. Fortunately, this time i'm not going to get drunk and act stupid. I'll still have enough money in the bank to pay all my bills tomorrow. I really do wish I had something to do though. I'll probably end up staying bored :/ not too excited about that. Dancing would be fun. Or maybe even just a movie at some friends. Nobody's calling me back though. It's really pretty lame. I know when I was drinking they'd be back to me in a hearbeat. Life was never boring. I'm not missing the drinking, just the popularity. I guess i'm better of though. If people are that shallow, who needs it. (i was that shallow) so... Here I am, surfing the web aimlessly. If you read this, and you want to rescue me from my boredom, give me a call :) if not, i'll be alright. I've got a big box of movies to pick from and maybe i'll even do some yoga.

and just a little note for clarification; I'm a little bored, but I am not sad, angry, or in any way upset. I've actually been having a nice productive day. I'm just running out of things to do at home!

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supermadchen said...

Got some furniture to build tonight, so probably won't be calling :(

However, I found that once I started making friends who didn't drink, there were actually tons of people who don't drink. And they aren't as boring as I expected when I drank :)